Company culture


Company culture

Enterprise purpose:to be solid, refined, strong and big

Corporate mission: Create wealth for society Create value for customers Create return for shareholders Create a future for employees

Corporate strategy: market-oriented strategy and capital management

Corporate culture: pragmatic, innovative, honest and responsible

Quality policy: Provide the society with environmentally friendly, energy-saving, economical and reliable plastic piping systems




Five "ones" in reception

A smiling face greets you, a chair gives up your seat, a sincere service, a cup of hot tea and warm drink, and a goodbye



Company employees operate six "nos"

01. Don't let the work assigned by the leader be delayed by me
02. Don't let things postpone here
03. Don't let mistakes happen to me
04. Don't let people who come to do things be left out in my place
05. Don't let unhealthy winds appear in my place
06. Don't let the unit's image be damaged by me

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