After-sales Service

After-sales Service

Based on the quality policy of "providing high-quality new plastic pipes to the society", our company makes the following promises to customers:

Commitment to product quality

1.The products are checked and accepted according to national industry standards and norms, and quality inspection certificates are provided when they are supplied.
2.Strictly follow the requirements of the contract and provide products that meet the design standards and quality.
3.Strictly inspect and control the incoming quality of raw materials and accessories.
4.Ensure that the processing technology of the supplied pipes is complete and the testing methods are complete. Products will never leave the factory with defects.
5.If product quality problems occur due to our company's reasons, our company will bear the corresponding responsibility for losses to users.

Commitment on after-sales service

1.Our company will complete the delivery plan on time in accordance with the contract requirements.
2.Our company responds to customer complaints within 2 hours. If there is a quality problem, it will be handled on site within 24 hours.
3.Our company provides customers with technical information necessary for operation and installation and maintenance, and sends professional and technical personnel free of charge to provide technical services and guide installation and commissioning according to customer requirements.
4.Our company will visit and investigate customer units regularly and irregularly to understand the operation of the pipeline, give reasonable suggestions in time, and do a good job in after-sales service.
5.Our company after-sales service phone (0838)2801958.
6.Our company's after-sales service supervision telephone (0838)2801958.

Product traceability

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